reality capture for architecture, engineering, and construction

Experienced scan technicians collect millions of precise data points for a building or site with industry-leading Faro laser scanners. Laser scanning is a fast, accurate, and non-intrusive way to collect as-built construction data, and eliminates the need to return to the site for additional measurements.

Aec support applications for reality capture:

  • Scan-to-BIM
  • Surface analysis
  • Facade documentation
  • Design grade verification
  • Infrastructure survey
  • Volume calculations and site quantities
  • Scan-to-CIM
  • Pipe modeling
  • Structural steel extraction
  • Deformation analysis
  • Clash detection
  • Project site survey
  • 3D visualization
  • Augmented reality/virtual reality
  • Field check and design
  • Verification for prefabricated systems
  • Construction monitoring
  • Construction QC/QM
  • Safety regulation compliance
  • Asset management
  • Maintenance projects
  • Damage mapping and action planning
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