Ronnie Stuart


Formed Strategy in 2009 in partnership with Marc and Chris Morris, who have since retired. Chris Morris now serves on the Board of Directors. Ronnie assumed the role of President of the company in 2022. In addition, he continues to manage business development and contracts. His recent restructure realigned the company’s service lines in the light of changes in the energy markets, and also included internal promotions to provide Strategy’s current leadership team.


  • Almost 30 years in oil & gas engineering and construction
  • Pipeline projects, stabilizer facilities, gas processing facilities, and compressor stations
  • Worldwide project and construction management
  • Detailed engineering design of offshore and onshore facilities and pipelines, both domestic and overseas


  • Integrity
  • Global energy perspective
  • Delivering cost-effective lifecycle solutions in the current dynamic and changing energy marketplace
  • Building strong relationships with clients that exceed performance expectations
  • Providing turnkey projects and technology solutions that reduce turnaround time
  • Directing a winning and inclusive corporate culture focused on safety and quality
  • Leading current energy transitions while incorporating sustainable technologies


B.S., Mechanical Engineering – Texas A&M University

Caitlin Thomas

Executive Vice President – Operations

With in-depth experience gained during twelve years of engineering project management and the mechanical design of facilities and pipelines for the onshore and offshore energy industry for domestic and international clients, Caitlin bears ultimate responsibility for ensuring Strategy’s optimal performance goals are met. She confirms that Strategy’s technical solutions, operational project management, and administrative functions will exceed client expectations. Her commitment to safe operations, while providing in-depth knowledge of client relations, vendor, contractor, and regulatory requirements, is unexcelled.


  • Engineering, fabrication, installation, maintenance, repairs, and removals
  • Client relations, vendor, contractor, and governmental regulations
  • Detailed engineering design, construction management, and procurement


  • Problem solving
  • Debottlenecking of potential safety and environmental sustainability issues
  • Client relations, vendor, contractor, and permitting activities
  • Detailed engineering design, construction management, and procurement
  • Expertise to comply with all industry codes and standards, such as API, ASME, and USCG
  • Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) oversight
  • Recruitment of superior engineering and technical talent for the organization


B.S., Civil Engineering – University of Texas

Davey Schmitt, P.E.

Vice President – Technical Services

Davey has handled it all in the oil & gas industry and related energy sectors. Well-versed in engineering, consulting, construction, and planning for onshore shale, onshore midstream facilities, and gathering, he also has an enviable track record of success in offshore, inshore waters, subsea, and pipelines. He ensures that all Strategy engineering, drafting, and technical associates maintain project quality, training, skills, and commitment to deliver successful projects for predictable return on investment for Strategy clients. Davey is skilled in handling projects with ambiguous scopes, then defining solutions, solving problems, and delivering projects safely.


  • Facilities engineering design and facilities construction management since 1997
  • Adept at supervising teams of process, mechanical, instrument, and electrical engineers
  • Leading operating company engineering and construction teams within various scopes
  • Achieving reduced operational costs while maximizing production
  • FEED studies, detailed engineering, and design drawings
  • Risk assessments, HAZARD evaluations, and HAZOPs
  • Mechanical, electrical, automation, instrumentation, process, and reality capture simulation
  • Procurement, startup assistance, and field commissioning
  • Reliability engineering studies to ensure technical integrity of facilities and operations


  • Consistency of results
  • Extremely good communications ability
  • A successful long-term forecaster of technology advancements to aid operations
  • Managing all aspects of engineering activities
  • Technical writing and preparation of governmental compliance packages


B.S., Mechanical Engineering – University of New Orleans

Bruce Henrici, P. E., P.M.P.

Vice President – Project Services

Bruce’s accomplishments as a professional engineer and project manager are unsurpassed in the oil & gas industry. His academic credits not only include his original petroleum degree, but also his MBA, as well as his PE and PMP certifications. For more than four decades, Bruce has been managing teams of engineers from the design to the “approved for construction” phase, and then proceeding to oversee the construction, fabrication, commissioning, and startup processes for successful and safe energy completions and operations. Wherever the project is located – the Americas, Africa, Middle East – whether onshore or offshore – Bruce’s on-time, on-budget result is the same. He ensures the anticipated return on investment is the predictable ROI for complex projects.


  • Over 40 years in multi-faceted oil & gas projects
  • Leading E&P operations worldwide
  • Planning, concept screening, financing, and co-development
  • Establishment and maintenance of budget, schedule, and project assurance
  • Detailed engineering
  • Reservoir evaluation, well completions, and interventions
  • Onsite fabrication and integration
  • Onshore and offshore construction
  • ISO 9001 and QMS oversight
  • Early production systems
  • Abandonments and repairs
  • Subsea underwater construction, seabed foundations, subsea oil and gas processing equipment (wells, Xmas trees, connection systems, piping, and valves)
  • Installation, startup, and commissioning of floating and fixed platforms


  • Leading diverse teams to excel
  • Excellent and timely communications with all stake holders
  • Successful development of global energy projects in far flung locations
  • Onsite setup for sustainable offshore and onshore facilities & pipeline construction
  • Deepwater execution developments
  • Solar, wind, and biogas design & project construction


B.S., Mechanical Engineering – The University of Oklahoma

M.B.A., University of Houston


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