As a Piping Designer, having an offshore platform (or onshore facility) laser scanned is a huge advantage. I remember having to go offshore to take measurements, locate tie points and sketch up rough ISO’s only to get back to the office a couple of days later and have the scope of the project completely change requiring another trip offshore.

Now with the Laser Scanning technologies we have today, we can capture the entire platform and can route our lines more efficiently using CADWorx without field fit welds all over the place which reduces platform shut-in time and minimizes hot work. If the scope changes and/or grows, not a problem. No additional upfront offshore trips are needed. We can start the additional work immediately.

Laser Scanning for Piping Design

Using Recap Pro we can show our clients what the Piping layout will look like in real life photos that the laser scanner captured. This helps our clients, operators, and installation contractors visualize what our modifications will look like upon completion.

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