Strategy 3D laser scanning services utilize the latest technology to quickly provide reliable data which has many applications in the oil and gas industry.


  • Reduced construction time and cost.
  • Reduction and/or removal of field welds.
  • Reduction of errors caused by manual measurements.
  • Removes requirement for additional field trip(s) for dimensional verification.
  • Reduced engineering costs.
  • Shorter field duration for data gathering.
  • Back modeling of existing components is removed or reduced.
  • Additional data improves overall design and pipe routing.
  • Helps with constructability and space management.
  • Simultaneous or multiple projects from 1 point cloud.
  • Capture all required information in a single trip.
  • Obtain HD photos from each scan location for ReCap™ real view.
  • Allows for complete model review of the modifications.


  • Facility modifications
  • Digital twin
  • Laser scanning for bid  packages
  • As-built structures and facilities
  • Construction inspection of critical equipment
  • Dimensional analysis and planning

laser scanning services

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